Jan 19, 2019

Processing in Luminar 3

I'm still trying to figure out what I am going to do here. I keep doing random things but what I need to do is come up with an objective and then I can focus on making it happen. In the mean time, here is some more randomness. This is a photo I took in Victoria BC at the Empress Hotel a high tea. I processed it in Luminar 3, which I just upgraded to recently.

Jun 11, 2018

Light matters

I was on the top of our hill in our back yard yesterday right around sunset. I saw how the light was hitting the flowers, and I had to get a shot. I just had my iPhone, but the warmth still comes through.

May 20, 2018

More on Luminar

I am really liking the Luminar app. I have to admit though that I never used Lightroom enough to get really proficient at it. If Luminar gets the digital management system they've been promising, I think it will be a real competitor to Adobe. Here is a photo I took in Kauai in 2015 that was dull and not very impressive. With Luminar I was able to make it more of what my eye was seeing.
Enhanced the color and clouds from a dull image in Kauaii

Mar 02, 2018

Where is this going?

I added this section on Tutorials thinking that I could put something "out there" to help others. I haven't gotten organized enough to really make this section work yet, but I do really want to make this page worth looking at. I hope to get more organized in the near future and make this a regularly updated page. So, in other words, stay tuned.

Jan 02, 2018

Moving to Luminar

Well, my Adobe Lightroom subscription expired along with Photoshop. I am going to try Luminar, which I recently purchased for $59 for a perpetual license. Here is where I used it to clean up a photo I took in Maui while hiking. I added the sun (a filter in Luminar). Maui

Nov 01, 2017


It is always important to try different points of view when shooting photos. Simple pictures of a dandelion can look a lot different from different perspectives as you can see here. I took this by setting my iPhone on timer and lying it face down (lens up) and placed it so the shadow of the dandelion top was directly on the lens.

Also you can get a different view by just moving in closer. Sometimes you can see something entirely different (Can you see the face in the tree, the big nose and the crooked mouth? This tree looks bored - or board)